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What’s On This Week / Monday 14th May – Sunday 20th May 2018

May 14, 2018

Our Top Picks for May 2018

Abbotsford / Brunswick / Carlton / Collingwood / Fitzroy / Parkville / Northcote / North Melbourne

There is so much happening on a daily basis in Melbourne’s inner north it’s often hard to keep track of all the exciting and wonderful events taking place in this glorious region. We here at Inner Circle Magazine are constantly on the look out for new and engaging happenings – be they gigs, comedy shows, art installations, product launches or independent community events, and to help you find the best our region has to offer. This time, we’ve compiled a special list of our top picks and suggestions of things to do to this May!

Mon / 14th May / 2018

Good Burger Week 2018

Rockwell & Sons, Collingwood / 6pm – 10pm

The second official Good Burger Week ™ as part of Good Beer Week. 9 Garage Project beers and 9 new burgers from local legends Rockwell and Sons are here to ruin your diet this week. By sharing your Good Burger Week burger to the popular social networks you can win a trip to Beervana – the ultimate beer and burger fuelled weekend in Wellington! T&C’s apply.

Event Link

Tue / 15th May / 2018

To the End of the ‘Verse – Northcote!

Open Studio, Northcote / 7:30pm – 11pm

Spoken word, improv and performance is the warm and welcoming event open to the talented public each and every third Tuesday of the month. Or, if you’re not one for the stage, cosy up, enjoy a crepe and have a boogie with O’Stranger-Tang. This is an event for a community of spirited, creative, and open-hearted folks to appreciate, enjoy and express the divine local artistic talent.

Event Link

Wed / 16th May / 2018

How to Date Your Soulmate with Jason Evert and Genevieve Bryant

Cathedral Hall, Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy / 6:30pm – 10pm

Author and speaker, Jason Evert is touching down in Melbourne to present a powerful and eye-opening strategy guide to how to practice courtship without compromise. We all hear what you’re not supposed to do while dating, but these wise tips are sure to lead you to greater romantic happiness and fulfilment. Music, prayer and meditation will also be featured.

Event Link

Thu / 17th May / 2018

The Path of Self-Compassion: How meditation can help us become more…

A-Space Meditation Studio, Collingwood / 7pm – 8:30pm

It’s the mind-numbing, self-depreciation most of us are victim to. The pressure to be ‘better’ because you’re already ‘not good enough’. Though the company of family, friends, colleagues and social media can influence your competition with yourself, some people get to the point where their best is just not good enough. This informative and intimate session will provide training in evidence-based methods of self-compassion, including mindfulness techniques, personal exploration, group sharing and reflections in order to develop self-awareness and self-compassion.

Event Link

Fri / 18th May / 2018

Prize // Record Album Launch(es)

Secret Location in Collingwood / 8pm – 11:59pm

Touring on the stages of secret locations in Collingwood, Good Morning is launching their debut full-length album Prize to win the ears of their devoted fans and attract the hearts of those yet to experience the dynamic duo’s mellow melodic tunes with a sprinkle of jazz in the mix. With special guests June Jones, A+ and Mio, this is an event that defines the unique music scene the inner north has to offer!

Event Link

Sat / 19th May / 2018

Opening: The Mortal Struggle of the Soul

Offsite, Fitzroy / 6pm – 9pm

Kareem Soliman’s solo exhibition comprising on 11 uniquely creative works are setting up their home at Fitzroy’s, Offsite. The Mortal Struggle of the Soul illustrated in the claustrophobically enticing sculptural works pulses with energy, threatening to explode. An iconic new show that captures a sense of irony; the shirt and tie representing the mundane reality of capitalism in society. These pieces will evoke the audience, have followers worshipping them, and allow you to leave the gallery reflecting on the notion of struggle.

Event Link

Sun / 20th May / 2018

Dine With Heart 2018

The Craft & Co, Collingwood / 10am – 6pm

Cheap food for a good cause! The Craft & Co are stamping the menu with $10 pizzas, with $5 from each pizza donated to Sacred Heart Mission’s, Dine With Heart program. The sales from a special ‘Sacred Heart Pale Ale’ on tap will also be donated, and Sunday Session specials will remain available on the day also. Eat and drink guilt free!

Event Link

Feature Image Credit: Rockwell and Sons Facebook Page 

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